Help Seattle Action Network Petition to declare Tuesday June 4, 2013 ‘Washington State Hiring Day”

Petition: Help us declare Tuesday June 4, 2013 ‘*Washington State Hiring Day’

*This is a grassroots effort seeking Washington State employers who are interested to simply volunteer job offers. This is not seeking a new state law, or permanent state calendar date. Nor are any taxpayer dollars being spent.

As the presidential election is upon us, one major issue is in the forefront: Jobs and the unemployed. Lets all do all that we can to help ourselves. As of August thru September Washington state added only 1,200 jobs. (An estimated 52,300 jobs have been added in the first nine months of 2012.)

The unemployment rate in the state is currently 8.5%.

More than 300,000 were unemployed as of August.

For Washington state youth the unemployment rate is over 30%.

The National unemployment rate is now 7.8%

The Seattle Action Network has started a petition at and is proposing to City of Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn and Washington State Governor Christine Gregoire to announce Tuesday June 4, 2013 as ‘Washington State Hiring Day’ throughout the state of Washington.

We are working hard to encourage employers who are able, to hire even 1 person no matter if its only part-time to help lower the states unemployment rate and help our economy.

Please help out and sign this petition so that Washington will be able to perhaps hire more people in 1 day, than at any other time of the year! (we all may not be the president, but we all can work together to get the best results possible).

Your help is very important. The petition is at

Here is the link:

Thank you all,

Ron Williams – Executive Director

The Seattle Action Network


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