Man beaten unconscious by panhandlers. ALSO KIRO REPORT ON CAPITOL HILL CRIME.

Man beaten unconscious by panhandlers,
By Jillblocker

(from Capitol Hill Blog) Panhandler assault: An attacker dragged a bleeding man to the front steps of a Capitol Hill building and stomped on his head during an attack sparked by the victim taking too long to give him money, according to the Seattle Police Department.

A witness alerted police to the fight February 28 after seeing three people attacking the man near 10th Ave and E John, leaving the man with a concussion, severe cuts to his head, a possible broken jaw and sore ribs.

The man lost consciousness during the attack, but was eventually able to tell police what happened.

While walking along Broadway and E Olive Way just after 9 PM, the victim said he passed a large group of homeless kids sitting under an awning, according to the police report. As he walked by, two males and a female began talking with him and asked him for money, according to police.

Police say the man agreed and was searching for his money when the three transients began to complain about how long he was taking. Frustrated with their attitudes, the man told them he just wouldn’t give them any money, causing the transients to get angry, according to police.

The three youths then began chasing the man up E John Street where they caught him and beat him until he fell to the ground. One of the transients then dragged the man over to a set of stairs, laid his head on the edge and stomped on it, while yelling, “Give me all of your money!” according to police.

Police say the man, who was bleeding heavily, lost consciousness during the attack and was muttering unintelligible sentences when they arrived.

The victim described his attackers as two white males and a female but couldn’t give police much to go on..



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