LETS AVOID A POTENTIAL SHOOTING: Big Fight at Nova – World School

Seattle Action Network asks: ‘Where are the civic/community leaders? And why are they not making sure that these type schools incidents not escalate?”

Big Fight at Nova/World School Yesterday
From the Stranger Slog:

A Central District high school was locked down yesterday afternoon as police responded to reports that a former student and suspected gang member had assaulted several peers and had allegedly pulled a gun on one student.

Students from Nova High school and the World School, a multilingual school for newly arrived immigrant and refugee students that shares space with Nova, were locked into the building at around 2:30 p.m. yesterday, after teens reported seeing a bloody, brass-knuckle-fueled fight between at least four high school students on the schools’ playfield.

“A 14-year-old student who used to go to the World School had basically been kicked out and was going to Chief Sealth school, but he wanted to be re-admitted and the principal had turned down his request,” confirms Teresa Whipple, a spokeswoman for SPS. “He’d apparently shown up at the school to confront some students. He said they were spreading rumors that were keeping him out of the school.”

The former student, with an older friend, came to school and confronted a couple of students about talking about him on Facebook. He then started hitting one student with brass knuckles.

At some point, the suspect pulled a gun on another student. That student got away but the suspect and his friend told the remaining students that he and his friend were part of a Salvadoran gang and would come back.

The three victims declined medical attention. A search failed to unearth the suspects or a firearm. Because of the district’s no weapons policy, “the 14-year-old has been long-term expelled from Sealth until the police investigation is complete and we understand what his role was,” Whipple says. “We won’t make any final decisions until that’s done.”

Community Leaders need to ‘call themselves out’ on this…


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