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The Able Teens Programs


The Able Teens

The Able Teens (TAT) is a five-day a week after-school vocational training program for teens between the ages of 14- 20 with developmental disabilities (including autism). The TAT members learn skills such as cleaning, cooking, food preparation, event set-up, interview skills, bus training, organization, customer service and life skills.

TAT is a job readiness program which develops and utilizes person centered plans, incorporates a variety of vocational training and volunteer work experiences and provides leadership opportunities in hopes that each participate will become more independent and ultimately obtain an hourly paid position.

In addition TAT provides information about other resources that may benefit the TAT member and/ or their family. The program cost is $7 per day per participant, but families may use DDD and SSI funds to pay for program costs. Participants are not required to attend for five days each week, but may choose how many and which days to attend.

During the summer TAT members join together with other Seattle area teens to work as part of the STEP (Student Teen Employment Preparation Program). They work on integrated teams of 10, taking part in environmental restoration, mural painting, neighborhood clean up, community building and outreach projects and by doing so, are developing vocational and social skills needed to be successful in the work-place.

For more information, contact 206-684-4575 or


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