Mayor’s Youth Employment Paid Summer Internships

Internship Duration: Internships typically run July 1 to august 19.


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Mayor Murray is calling on Seattle employers to participate in the Mayor’s Youth Employment Initiative, which aims to improve connections between Seattle’s youth and employers, and increase employment

Opportunities for Seattle youth.

You can become a Proud Employer Partner in one of two ways:
1. Hire a youth intern at $11.00/hr to work part-time for 7-weeks in the Seattle Youth Employment Program, or

2. Make a contribution of $2,600 to support a youth internship slot.

Seattle Youth Employment Program – Summer Internships

7-week internship for youth ages, 16 to 24
Internships start on July 1 and end on August 19
Internship hours are up to 25 hours per week; for a total of 175 hours

All interns participate in job training preparation prior to internship and are supported by a youth staff member throughout the internship.

What can employers expect from the program?

A youth intern recruited and prepared by youth staff members for success in the workplace.

A single point of contact with a youth staff member who will work with the employer and the intern during the 7 week internship.

A match with a youth intern who best fits the skills requirements outlined by the employer.

Support for the young person on meeting employer expectations.
Support for the employer supervisor on how to best support the youth on the job.

Guidance and help with questions about hosting a youth intern.

Employers agree to:

Provide a structured work environment with clear tasks.
Provide supervision for a young person for 25 hours per week for 7 weeks this summer.
Participate in an employer supervisor orientation – in person or online.
Complete a background check.
Obtain a youth work permit for interns ages 16 and 17; (a 10-minute online application; permit is free).

Communicate with youth staff member weekly regarding intern’s engagement.

Questions? Contact Nancy Yamamoto in the Office of Economic Development: or 206-684-8189


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