Seattle Fire Department Medic II Program: CPR and choking techniques

Medic Two Program The Seattle Fire Department’s Medic II Program provides training classes in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and choking techniques. The training program is recognized as an international role model, which attracts people from around the world, who come to Seattle to learn more about how to implement their own CPR training programs. Since MedicContinue reading “Seattle Fire Department Medic II Program: CPR and choking techniques”

YMCA Accelerator: Seeking youth volunteers

The Get Engaged program is an innovative program from the City of Seattle and the Accelerator YMCA. We place emerging leaders ages 18-29 on 18 different public Boards and Commissions each year and support their development of leadership competencies. This program gives young people real leadership experience and empowers them to take charge of theirContinue reading “YMCA Accelerator: Seeking youth volunteers”

Lets STOP Child Pornography

Washington’s not-so-little dirty secret Police ‘overwhelmed’ as state leads the nation in child pornography From: Seattle PI reporter Levi Pulkkinen U.S. Secret Service Special Agent Bryan Molnar, center, led and assisted in dozens of child pornography investigations in the Northwest. He’s pictured above with Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson Cecelia Gregson, a seniorContinue reading “Lets STOP Child Pornography”

SPOTLIGHT: North Precinct Captain Sean O’Donnell

PRECINCT CAPTAIN SEAN O’DONNELL Sean O’Donnell Captain Sean O’Donnell began his career with the Seattle Police Department in 1981. He has worked in the all of the precincts as a police officer and was a Field Training Officer. In 1986 he transferred to the Seattle Police Traffic Section as a motorcycle officer for six years.Continue reading “SPOTLIGHT: North Precinct Captain Sean O’Donnell”