Interested in making your schools more secure?

Interested in making your schools more secure? Help Bring NRA School Shield Security Assessor Training to Your Community! OUR KIDS ARE OUR RESPONSIBILITY. IT’S NOT JUST OUR DUTY TO PROTECT THEM, IT’S OUR RIGHT TO PROTECT THEM.For more information and resources, visit: The training is provided by the NRA as part of the NRAContinue reading “Interested in making your schools more secure?”

Sawant: Will make new push on Seattle rent control, ordinance against ‘Economic Evictions’

Building on recommendations from the Seattle Renters’ Commission, City Council member Kshama Sawant announced two measures Monday aimed would alleviate some of the burden for Seattle renters. The first is a proposal to enact a Seattle rent control ordinance. The second, the Economic Evictions Assistance Ordinance, would look to protect tenants against substantial rent increases.Continue reading “Sawant: Will make new push on Seattle rent control, ordinance against ‘Economic Evictions’”

An ‘unheard of concession’ in the Central District at The Chateau apartments

District 3 representative Kshama Sawant was back outside The Chateau apartments Wednesday to announce victories for the building’s tenants and what she says is a tenants movement in Seattle inspired by the work of her City Council office and her Socialist Alternative political group. Read more Capitol Hill Seattle