Seattle Action Network Executive Director Ron Williams to visit Seattle Schools

Starting in September The Seattle Action Network Executive Director Ron Williams will make ‘surprise’ visits to Seattle area jr high and high schools to encourage students to stay ‘laser-focused’ on their education by cutting down on cell phone use, texting, video gaming, and just hanging out.

“In the end, its your education that will take you where your life will lead you’. says Mr. Williams.

“Avoiding the alcohol and drug culture, staying away from any form of violence and staying laser focused on your education and being the best that you can be, is what matters’.


Proposal would ban criminal background checks on job applicants

Councilman Bruce Harrell believes people with criminal backgrounds are less likely to become repeat offenders if they have a better chance of entering the workforce. His proposal would prevent most employers in the city from viewing a job applicant’s criminal record until late in the hiring process.

As it stands now, they can conduct a criminal background check on any job applicant prior to even granting an interview. But that rule could soon go by the wayside if one city councilman has his way.



Teens for Peace: Nonviolence is Not Silence

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Special Thanks to Tom Fucoloro

When: Monday, July 30, 2012 06:00 PM – 08:00 PM
Where: Garfield Community Center
What: The Western Washington Fellowship of Reconciliation youth are holding an event at Garfield Community Center July 30 to discuss the causes and solutions to violence. All (not just teens) are welcome.

WWFOR’s Peace Activist Trainees present variety show exploring causes of violence and how to make Seattle safer on Monday July 30, 6-8 pm at Garfield Community Center (2323 E. Cherry St)

What are the causes of violence?
What can we do to make Seattle safe?
How can nonviolent strategies be effective?

Explore these questions and more with the Western Washington Fellowship of Reconciliation (WWFOR) Peace Activist Trainees. There will be a variety show addressing these questions, followed by discussion. Hear guest speakers, including an IRAQ VETERAN from Iraq Veterans Against the War, and personal stories of violence from people in the Seattle area. Hear poetry and musical performance from the Seattle youth. Artwork will be displayed, and some refreshments will be served. Participate in discussion about these topics in a peaceful and welcome environment.

Suggested $5 Donation. No one will be turned away for lack of funds.

Visit for more information, or e-mail

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Recent Violence in Seattle and outlining areas

We have had a recent series of violent gun-related incidents in Seattle over the past few years. However this year, as reported by the Seattle Police Department, there has been more violence involving possible guns.

This week, I have informed various organizations that I personally feel that the local ‘church’ organizations, community activists,etc should have their pastors, hot the streets daily and target youth one on one to end this violence immediately. Not tommorrow, not next week, not next month, today. Right now.

On Thursday a Madrona man named Justin Ferrari was killed, caught in a crossfire while preparing to go on a vacation with his wife. His parents, and children were in the car when he was fatally shot. Mr. Ferrari recently had worked at Seattle based Zillow as Sr. Software Developer.

Then over the weeked more violence was reported with several shootings, as well as a shooting at the Seattle ‘Folklife’ Festival.

And now yet more shootings..

I’m REQUESTING that the Seattle Police Department, local church leaders, as well as youth-violence organization leaders, whose CLAIMS are to end this violence, are on the STREETS, at events, monitor the streets, and ‘enforce and suppress’ any form of violence. I’m concerned it is their and our responsiblility to do just that, to the best of everyone’s ability.

As with Mr. Ferrari, other innocent victims have been hurt and/or killed. There is no need to continue with these shootings and killings.

Even with the DOJ investigating the SPD, who will be monitored as an end result I suspect, if these ‘youths’ are not approached and given better options, sooner or later regardless if the SPD know they are now being monitored, someone(youth) will put themselves in a situation and be shot/killed. This is not going to happen just once, this will happen multiple times.

Lets all get to work and stop this violence..
…because talk,…means nothing.

Ron Williams 310-270-6887