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Work Source: Basic Computer Skills October 7, 2016

This workshop goes over the basics of computer hardware, basic keyboard and mouse skills, using Microsoft Word and using the Internet for job search.

Limited space is available.
* This workshop provides job search credit for individuals claiming Unemployment Insurance benefits.

Fri., Oct. 7, 9:30am – 12pm

WorkSource Affiliate Rainier
2531 Rainier Ave. S
Seattle, WA 98144

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US CENSUS HIRING EVENT: September 29, 2016

Special Recruitment Onsite Testing Event!!! Please arrive 15 minutes early for the session and you must bring appropriate documents.

For list of acceptable documents, please visit: http://2010.census.gov/2010cesusjobs/application-material/approved-forms-of-identification.php

Thu., Sep. 29, 9am – 4:30pm
WorkSource Affiliate Downtown Seattle
2024 3rd Avenue, Seattle, WA 98121