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How to help Las Vegas in wake of deadliest shooting

Shanda Maloney tweeted photos of the donors saying, “Thank you #Vegas for coming together.”

Share information from official sources.

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Government officials would like to get out the word about how to help victims and others affected by the tragedy. Share the information to help it reach the right people.

How to find information about loved ones:

City of Las Vegas ✔@CityOfLasVegas
How to help and find loved ones. Please share #PrayforLasVegas
6:47 AM – Oct 2, 2017

Where people in Las Vegas can donate blood:

If you would like to donate blood for the injured victims of the Strip shooting visit the Labor Health & Welfare Clinic, 7135 W. Sahara.
4:04 AM – Oct 2, 2017

To help with the investigation:

FBI Las Vegas ✔@FBILasVegas
@FBILasVegas is asking anyone with videos or photos from the 10/1/17 Las Vegas shooting to please call 1-800-CALLFBI (255-5324)
5:55 AM – Oct 2, 2017

Give cash, not supplies
Most charities prefer monetary donations, especially if you plan to donate internationally. These are more flexible and cause less of a strain on the charity, allowing them to help more, USAID explained.

“Unlike material donations, cash involves no transportation costs, shipping delays, or customs fees. It also enables relief organizations to spend more time providing aid by spending less time managing goods,” the organization explained on its website.

Learn more with USAID’s “greatest good donation calculator.”

Check the charity

Before you donate to a charity, make sure you know where your aid is going. The Center for International Disaster Information recommends checking with a charity monitoring organization like GiveWell, Charity Navigator, Charity Watch, or the Better Business Bureau before donating.

Make sure your donation is secure by going through an organization’s official website or sending a check in the mail. Charity Navigator says you should never donate over the phone, email or unknown social media pages, as these are easier for scammers to target.

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